Shooting for the Stars

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PointStar’s Journey to the Cloud Business

In this session, we have Michelle the COO of PointStar who talked about how it all started.

PointStar: Integrating ERP services with Cloud

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PointStar Expands its Cloud Computing Investment in Indonesia with New Jakarta Office

JAKARTA, April 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — PointStar, a cloud technology consulting firm that empowers businesses across the Asia Pacific to innovate and move beyond productivity has moved to a new office to accommodate its rapid business growth in Indonesia.

The new office is designed to promote employees’ productivity in a collaborative environment. It comes with fully-equipped conference rooms, a silent room, and a ‘Phone Booth’ area for employees who wish for a quiet working environment. With these facilities, the team can focus on enhancing their core competencies and assists companies to choose, adopt, implement, customise and manage their cloud solutions.

As one of the leading Google Partners in the APAC region, the conference room highlights the use of Google Hangouts in connecting PointStar’s team of more than 60 employees working at different geographical locations.
The new office allows the team to collaborate and achieve better and faster results for growing client’s list of all sizes, which include Gojek, Zalora, Matahari Mall, Indo Tambangraya Megah, and Parkland.

On May 7th 2015, PointStar announced the opening of a Cloud Center of Excellence in Indonesia. In less than 18 months, PointStar has outgrown its premises and experienced a multifold expansion in its employees as well as customers’ portfolio.

As one of the pioneers in cloud solutions, PointStar adopted Google’s advanced online enterprise-ready tool, G Suite, in achieving optimal communication. PointStar also utilises Netsuite’s cloud accounting and CRM system, Cisco Meraki’s cloud controlled WiFi, routing, and security system in ensuring a secure scalable enterprise network, as well as the Grandstream IP phone for a much stable telecommunication network.

“Our Jakarta new office will reinforce the strength and focus to bring our clients world-class services. The expansion reflects our commitment and the continued success on our clients’ businesses. We will continue to provide quality, innovative and affordable cloud solutions for companies to embrace digital transformation, and redefine the smarter way of working in the new digital era,” said Justin Lee, CEO of PointStar.

To celebrate the opening of the new Jakarta office, PointStar has launched a 1-FOR-1 training package called TransformMyBiz. Its objective is to help the small and medium businesses to train their employees on getting the most out of G Suite (formerly Google Apps) at work. The training package, worth $900 per session will be applicable to companies in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, valid for the first 100 companies that sign up and on a first-come-first-serve basis.

“We live in a world of change, driven by technology and it is changing the way how companies and people used to work. As companies take on digital transformation, it simplifies the way they work and soon sees themselves operating at maximum velocity,” added Justin Lee.

PointStar Opens a Cloud Center of Excellence in Indonesia

Offers Free Cloud-Diagnostic Service to 1,000 Small and Medium Enterprises to Help Boost Cloud-managed IT Adoption

Jakarta, 7 May 2015 – PointStar, a pioneer provider in cloud computing services, today announced the opening of a Cloud Center of Excellence in Indonesia. The Cloud Center of Excellence will bring innovative end-to-end cloud computing services to help companies extend their control, visibility, security and governance of their businesses. As part of its commitment to Indonesia, PointStar will also develop local knowledge in cloud computing, and educate the local employees on skills to maintain cloud systems and enhance their employability. PointStar seeks to enhance the competitiveness of Indonesian companies by ‘cloud enabling’ their businesses and employees.

Companies today cannot afford to be complacent as they face shifting market conditions, ever-increasing customer expectations and unrelenting competitive pressures. This is particularly true for Small and Medium-Enterprises (SMEs), which comprise 99.99% of national companies and contribute to around 60% of national economic growth.

Cloud-managed IT is a new IT concept that allows companies to tap on cloud software and hardware to bring better reliability and cost savings to their operations. Through its Cloud Center of Excellence in Indonesia, PointStar will deploy innovative solutions from leading cloud companies such as Google for Work, NetSuite, Cisco Meraki, Xero and TradeGecko to assist Indonesian companies in adopting cloud-managed IT.

Justin Lee – CEO of Pointstar

Starting this year, PointStar has embarked on a new, SME-focused initiative by investing more than US$500,000 in a cloud IT assessment and diagnostic program for over 1,000 Indonesian companies in the next 12 months. Interested companies can contact PointStar’s hotline to sign up for its “Unlock and Unleash your Cloud IT” diagnostic program. By enrolling in this program, companies can get a thorough assessment of their IT infrastructure and their state of readiness for cloud computing adoption. 

“Small and medium-sized enterprises play an important role in boosting the Indonesian economy. That is why PointStar is willing to invest in delivering more high-value cloud solutions to these businesses. PointStar commits to boosting cloud-managed IT in various industries in Indonesia by providing a wide range of innovations through its one-stop Cloud Center of Excellence in Indonesia that offers solutions ranging from software to networks to consultancy. The products and solutions that we offer should help SMEs make better business decisions, work smarter and establish an easy-to-manage information technology backbone.SMEs have the DNA to quickly recognize and seize new opportunities and very often are on the leading edge of building innovative solutions. Our aim is to remove over US$10 million in hidden IT inefficiency in Indonesian companies and spur further growth for the economy as a result,” said Justin Lee, PointStar CEO and Co-Founder. 

With its regional presence in Indonesia, PointStar is seeing higher growth rates from a wide range of clients. One of the companies that have benefited from PointStar’s solution is Ekatama Group, an industrial engineering company focusing on material handling, hydraulic system and industrial equipment. Prior to engaging with PointStar, Ekatama Group was facing problems related to their data communication and email. Moreover, IT security was also a pain point for Ekatama Group as they had to deal with numerous and ever-present computer viruses and email spams. In December 2014, PointStar deployed a number of Google for Work solutions, including Gmail, Google Hangouts for Instant Messaging and Video Conferencing, Google Drive and Google Chrome, and since then Ekatama Group has been able to streamline and optimize its key business processes, including its data sharing and monitoring across branches and departments.

“PointStar’s solution is affordable, innovative and yet easy to use; allowing us to improve our internal system and providing the best service for our clients. PointStar is an ideal innovation partner for us,” said Yansen Chandra, Management Representative of Ekatama Group.

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