KFC: Getting a leg up on business with GCP

KFC Indonesia has a vision to always be the number one QSR brand In Indonesia and maintain this market leadership by being the most modern and favourite restaurant in terms of product, value, service, and assets. The company’s performance in terms of sales growth is one of the best in Asia’s KFC regional market for two years in a row, averaging 18.7% in 2010 and 13.8% in 2011 and the company expects to uphold this status through and through. With continuous brand development through innovative marketing strategies, operational excellence and consistent double-digit growth in sales performance as well as store development, the company has been a consistent recipient of awards for selected function from Yum! Asia Franchise Pte Ltd. In 2011, the company was a recipient of Tiger award for Customer Mania.


The biggest challenge for KFC Indonesia for the last four years is being out of the online application. KFC Indonesia has a national call centre number 14022 where customers can call to order and have it delivered straight to their homes. In addition to that, Gojek and Grab have also been added to their delivery service. It gets complicated when the company tries to consolidate the team financial books every month. A lot of manual work had to be done which is not efficient.

With all the data coming from different sources, it’s difficult to control and manage it efficiently. Therefore, KFC Indoneisa decided to develop a new integrated app. They needed an integrated platform which allows connections to all data including 3rd parties and also customers. By using this integrated app in this platform, the company will then be able to have a platform where all the data such as online orders, Gojek order, Grab order or call orders, go through the same system.

Furthermore, the new platform integrates with the payment system, enabling customers to decide which payment wallet they desire. All data gathered can be used to identify customer trends and allow KFC Indonesia to reach out to them to encourage them to come back to the store one more time. This is part of the customer loyalty programme that has introduced by KFC Indonesia.

Google Cloud services deployed

  • Google Compute Engine hosting website and chatbot
  • Google Kubernetes Engine hosting Microservices App

Without any cloud platform, none of this would be possible. Google is being the big part of that and the implementation as well. With the help of PointStar to manage the services, the app settings, the upgrades, licenses, the requirements and workload and all the services, we can grow with the new development of the system.

KFC Indonesia chose Google Cloud because it’s one of the biggest cloud providers. Google has experience in maintaining the whole infrastructure in the Cloud with a high service level. Google Cloud provides an easy to scale platform to host the developed applications so whenever the application is having peak access, the application is running smoothly and stable. PointStar provided managed services which allow KFC Indonesia to work smoothly on the business and expand the brand without having to worry about the application.

From the start of the project, PointStar guided KFC Indonesia in terms of design, architecture, migration, training and support. With careful planning and organising, the two companies worked hand-in-hand to build the platform needed in order to achieve the main goal. Within a month, the whole platform was developed and ready for use.


  • Near 100% uptime on website and app
  • High security
  • Fast response on websites
  • Fast provisioning of required devices

Since deploying the new system in Google Cloud Platform, both website and chatbot experience almost 100% uptime. Security has been improved and the company spent less than a month procuring and developing everything from scratch.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is one of the biggest fast-food restaurant chains in the world. With over 20,000 locations globally in 150 countries, the company has been a household name for many years. KFC Indonesia is franchised by PT. Fast Food Indonesia and currently has around 950 stores throughout Indonesia.


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